Jeana Passy » Los Angeles lover, dreamer, researcher Tue, 09 Sep 2014 01:37:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 ::LOL:: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 01:31:38 +0000 Okay so about two months ago Austin and I went to this bar in Chinatown called Mountain Bar. Usually after I visit a new place I write a review on Yelp!. I know that I have gotten a lot of helpful info off of Yelp and want to share my experiences.
This was my review from February,

Not an completely awful place, it was better than I expected.
However it could use improvements.
This place was not build for anyone taller that 5’10”. I kept hitting my head everywhere I went!
There is a lot of space to stand or sit which is a huge plus.
I do not get why they charge Hollywood prices in Chinatown?
$12 for vodka redbull that taste more like redbull than vodka.

I have never seen such an attractive bar tenders in my life!
Sorry, but seriously. Bar tenders are suppose to be hot, these looked like they rolled out of bed and walk straight to work after stopping at McDonalds. To top it off they werent friendly at all or in a hurry to serve ANY of the customers. News flash the customers pay your bills!

The worst part, there is only one bathroom down stairs. When I say one bathroom I mean one toilet. So the line was incredibly long all night. There is suppose to be another bathroom upstairs. I never made it to that one. Its behind the stage. Thats right you have to walk on the stage while a band is playing to use the bathroom. Not very smart.
Up stairs is so hot and smells really bad. I totally recommend getting a window put in up there or some AC.
The DJ down stairs was decent until about 1 am, mixing house and hip-hop in one song. Once 1 am came she started playing Kanye West and other rap I do not want to name.
Now all that aside, the crowd was actually awesome. I call this venue girl friendly. Meaning the girls actually interact and talk to one another instead of playing the 6th grade bitch look game.
It was a very laid back vibe, I liked it.

I dont know if I will ever venture over to that area just for the Mountain Bar again, but I might stop by and grab a drink after a Dodger game.

I have written way worse reviews before and actually kind of liked this place until I received a nasty message this week,

…Because Mountain Bar thinks you’re really UNATTRACTIVE too!!!!

This letter came from some random girl, check out her profile here.
I find it ironic that a girl with no friends on a social networking site and lacking a profile picture would call me unatrractive.

People make me laugh….like I dont know you were the bar tender when I was there.
If you are going to trash talk me at least be more creative than a second grader.

BTW I revised my original review from three stars to one and I dont recommend anyone going to this bar. Since the bitter staff will just talk shit to you later after taking your money.

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::A Story Of Sportsmanship:: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 03:44:27 +0000 I first heard this amazing story on KISS FM on my way to school Wednesday. Ryan Seacrest was taking about this girls youth soccer team who made it to the state championships and could not afford to take the trip to Davis.
The second place team’s coach, who would have gone to the championship by default, tried to raise money for the first place to team to take the trip. Ryan some how heard about this lady’s amazing effort to raise the fund necessary for the first place team to attend the championships simply because the deserved to go. This is an amazing story of doing the right thing and setting an example for all the girls involved. Keep in mind these are girls around the age of ten, the time in their lives where they are most impressionable.
It turns out that the girls on the winning team are from low income families, many parents have lost their jobs in this tough economy. So KISS FM arranged transportation to and from Davis in the for a limos and buses. They also provided the team with rooms for the weekend and a huge hospitality party when they arrive.
The Los Angeles women’s soccer team, The Sol has arranged for both teams to attend their season opening game on Sunday. The girls get to be on the field and high five The Sol as they get ready to play.
This is honestly such an amazing story.

Listen to the radio interview here

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::LA Man Kills Family & Himself:: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 03:12:47 +0000 Everyone is feeling the economic crisis at this point. Many have been laid off and few have been fired. For one Los Angeles man, the thought of not being able to provide for his family proved to be too much.
Ervin Lupoe shot and killed his five children and his wife before shooting himself. Erivin faxed a letter to KABC-TV before he shot himself. Saying that he would not leave his children behind to be raised by strangers.

Why leave the children to a stranger?

KABC-TV immediately called the police once they received the fax. The officers were inside the home, located between Los Angeles and Long Beach, just minutes after the murder/suicide. The fax sent into KABC-TV accused Ana Lupoe, Ervin’s wife, of the killings.

In the letter he faxed to a TV station, Ervin Lupoe claimed he and his wife both had been fired and that she suggested they kill themselves and their children, too. Police described the fax but did not release the details.

However the police believe Ervin to be the sole suspect because the gun was found next to his body.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center West Los Angeles released a statement confirming both Lupoe and his wife worked there; both were medical technicians.
He was going through some critical situations at the job, that’s what he described in that two-page letter, ongoing problems at the job, and that’s what prompted him to take his own life and his family’s.

You can read the full story here, at Yahoo! News

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