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::Beginning Of My Sleeve::

lotusflowerjeanas-lotus-flower2I have been wanting to start my half sleeve for quite some time now.
I have a few tattoos scattered here and there but I lack on big finished piece.
I have gotten almost all my work done at Sunset Strip Tattoo
Since I dont have any full piece my work has been done by a handful of different guys at the shop.
Although all may be talented, I totally recommend Bill Brown.
(Greg James in another super talented artist at the shop but near impossible to book an appointment with because he has so many clients.)
Bill has touched up my nautical stars, done the heart on my left middle finger and has now started my half sleeve.
For the first part of my sleeve I got a lotus flower. A traditional Buddhist flower to match the symbols I have here and there.
It took 3 hours but looks amazing!
I cant wait to get my next one!
The first picture is the picture I found on line and emailed to Bill when I set up my appointment.
And the second picture is the final product!
I couldnt be more happy with this tattoo.
If you are looking for quality work, head to Sunset Strip Tattoo!

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