Jeana Tales

Pyramid Lake

pyramid_storm_copy282160715_stdSo my bf, his friend and I set out for a day of fun at the lake.
It started off rough;

as soon as we got to the beach and began to unload the Seadoo, so crazy dog comes and starts fighting me for our bread. Not kidding, some kind of Dalmatian mix puppy was trying to take off with our bread for sandwiches.
I finally win and he comes back for more!
The undisciplined puppy takes off with my friends shirt!
I kid you not this dog is running around the beach with a $70 shirt in his mouth like its the best thing since sliced bread!
The owners finally tie the dog up, however they all take off on their boat and leave him there with no water!

WTF it was over 100 out and you leave a dog with no water and no way of getting to the lake to cool off. Thats just sad and incredibly stupid.
I wish a sheriff had driven by in time to see this dog. So of course I make my was to the crazy animal to give him water and it appears this is the only nice thing anyone has ever done for him.
No joke!

As the afternoon goes on the drunkies begin to emerge!
This boat full of white trash “Bros” and one fat girl who should not wear a bikini tries to convince my bf to drive our Seadoo.
“I will tow you while you wake board and give you some beers dude”
Umm okay!
Lets see you cant even do anything with your boat but drive to one side of the cove turn it off and float to other.
Keep in mind while the boat is running 2 of this idiots have their legs hanging down by the engine.
Plus we wake board and tube just fine with our Seadoo.

After my bf said no, they try to convince me to let them take out the Seadoo.
As I am ridding past them this horrible looking drunk girl says, “Yo babe let me go for a spin on that with you?!”
Are you fucking joking?
What is with these people, they just dont understand that normal people dont loan out their water crafts to obviously drunk and incompetent people.
My response and you all can imagine was not very nice.
“Sorry I have a weight limit on here and you are too fat, plus I sorta have a phobia a trashy people.”

I would be very surprised if anyone had ever said anything so rude to them before.
However they failed to really react to me or my comment.

It turns out they they completely forgot by the end of the day anyways.
We saw the same group of Bros and their Bro Hoe at the dock.
They drove in way too fast and cause us to hit our Seadoo on the dock and did some major damage to our Seadoo.
Unfortunately we didnt see the damage until it was too late.

Anyhow, these people are more drunk now than before.
Of course who goes to the lake for water sports, isnt the lake a chill place to get wasted and make and ass of yourself?!

As they pull up behind us at the dock one of the Bros said, “Hey whatever happened to my ride?”
I replied, “Hey whatever happened to not being a complete fucking douche bag?”

Again they are too drunk to hear me and ignore my rudeness.
Just maybe they like it and that would explain what happened next.

The 3 Bros left on the boat started yelling out I love you, I love you.
I just ignored them believing there was no possible way they were actually talking to me.
I still dont know.

I do know they circled their boat back around and the 2 douche bags that have their legs hanging off the end get in a fight.
One pushed the other into the water right by the dock in the loading zone.
Anyone who knows anything about boating knows you are not suppose to swim there.

Now the two are fighting bc the douche bag that pushed his friend in the water forgot his friend was wearing his sunglasses that were now peacefully resting at the bottom of the lake.

We loaded our Seadoo and never looked back.

Moral of the story.

Pyramid is not Havasu, therefore if you are going to go get wasted at Pyramid you should probably keep that to yourselves.

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