Max Payne

Apparently many people this weekend made the same mistake I did.
We all went to see Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, Max Payne.
Like I said before the only thing painful about this movie was having to watch the entire 90 minutes.

Wahlberg’s action flick “Max Payne” debuted with $18 million to outdo Oliver Stone’s film biography of George W. Bush, according to studio estimates Sunday.
Playing in 2,030 cinemas, “W.” averaged a solid but unremarkable $5,197 a theater, compared with a $6,334 average for “World Trade Center.” “W.” was shot on a modest budget of $25 million.


On the other hand I guess it is a good sign that Americans are more interested in Mark Wahlberg compared to George W. Bush, even if the movie is making fun of him.

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