::Go VOTE!::

Get out to the polls today kiddo.
This election if for OUR generation.
The next Presidential Election will be when we are almost 30!
We need to make a difference today.
DO NOTsay to yourself you do not need to vote because Obama is already going to win California!
Not true.
If everyone thought that way no one would.

Plus there are very important measures facing Californians!
Such as Prop 8!
It has nothing to do with teaching marriage in school, it has to do with the right of gays to marry in California!
Prop 2.
Giving farm animals the right to walk around and not be kept in cages too small to move.

No matter how we vote today we will change history.
Will the first black man be President of our country or will the first woman be elected as Vice President?!

Make you choice and speak your mind!

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