::Health Benefits Of Infrared Saunas::

Do you want to burn up to 900 calories in 30 minutes while sitting and reading a book?
Well I have the answer to that riddle and the newest fad in hollywood!

Infrared Saunas

Its an Infrared Sauna!
Not only are they affordable and great after a long day of work or intense work out, there are many health benefits as well.
The first and probably most important benefit that comes to my mind is unclogging pores.
I know after I have a hard work out at the gym or even in the pool I am in desperate need of a good facial. But why waste money at the salon when you can get the same out come as a facial, relax your whole body and not even leave your home?!
Infrared Saunas have been proven to lower blood pressure and decrease joint stiffness.
Dont just take my word for it check out their website, @ far infrared sauna and see for yourself!

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