::Secret Behind MySpace Hoax::

If you have not heard about this case you need to get your head out from under that rock.
Quick summary; a mom, Lori Drew, created a fake MySpace page. Sent cruel messages to one of her daughter’s x-friends, Megan Meier. The young girl, 13 years old, that the mom was harassing ends up hanging herself.
Now the jury in this super bizarre case might not be told that Megan Meier killed herself.

I do not necessarily believe that horrible MySpace messages drove a teenage girl to kill herself.
However the mom should, and the key word being SHOULD, be more mature than a teenager and let whatever happened between the two girls remain between the two girls. I do think any “mother” that would do this to an already sensitive child should be punished. It is simply unacceptable in my book.

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