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::Whale Wars::

I am the first to admit I am uneducated when it comes to the conservation of sea life, especially whales. Dont get me wrong I take my part to keep our oceans blue, however I was unaware that killing sea life for “science research” was still being done or even allowed. That is until Friday when I came across a show known as, Whale Wars. It aires on Animal Planet on Friday evenings.
The whole principal behind this show is this radical activist group known as Sea Shepheard.

These activist search the ocean for Japanese whalers who are harpooning the whales for what the Japanese say is scientific research. Both sides will stop at NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to prove they are in the right.
The captain of the Sea Shepherd founded GreenPeace but was asked to leave because of his violent tactics towards the enemy. Anyway, by watching the show you see average people willing to die in order to stop the death of innocent whales. I have only watched a couple of episodes, but it appears that most of these confrontations take place off the Australian coast. Therefore forcing the Australian government to get involved.

I am only saying all this because there has been a definite war taking place in our oceans that I was unaware of and would like to make those around me more aware.
Furthermore I believe as a human race we can study marine life without killing them.

Earlier on Monday, Australia urged Japan to abandon its yearly hunt, launching its own scientific whaling study in the Southern Ocean to prove it was not necessary to kill the ocean mammals to study them.


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