::Flaw Tonight At The Whiskey:

Heading to the Whiskey tonight after Dexter to check out Flaw!

Last night Flaw put on an amazing show. I have never seen them live and I loved it. The small venue worked really well for them. It was pretty empty to my surprise. I figured most were at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas. Therefore the crowd at the Whiskey was pretty shady. Over all it was worth the four-teen dollars spent to see them play. However I would gladly pay more and avoid the crowd I saw last night.

What I do not understand is how The Dreaming opened for Flaw?! And not just last night, I guess they have been out on tour together for months now!
How does that work?!
The Dreaming is so completely EMO! More than that the entire band is just a group of douche bags. Their rhetoric with the fans was so lame I want to throw my diet coke at them.

If you are here to see us then stick around for Flaw. And if you are here to see Flaw well stick around for us!

Seriously?!? I could not tell if that suppose to be funny or the lead singer is actually that stupid. I am going with the later.

All in all; Whiskey is a pretty cool venue. It just attacks a lot of white trash (I saw a couple pay for a beer in change).
Flaw was totally worth seeing and I plan on seeing them again in the future.