::Teen Charged With Plotting To Kill::

Our generation will forever be plagued with the memories from the Columbine shootings back in 1999. With that incredible tragedy came some incredible knowledge. Parents and students alike are more aware of those who occupy our schools. It was such parental vigilance that caught fifteen year old Richard Yanis in his tracks.
The fifteen year old stole Pennsylvania teen stole three guns from his fathers secure gun safe.
Once his father noticed the guns missing he reported it to the local police, thankfully.
With some good old fashion police investigation the guns were located and the true story reviled.
The troubled teen had planed on taking the guns and additional ammunition to school after the new year and shooting those he did not like before shooting himself.

Richard Yanis gave the guns and ammunition to an unnamed friend from school and asked him to “hold onto it,” the statement said. The friend allegedly showed his stepmother the guns, and the two drove to a nearby creek where they tossed in the weapons.
“He was going to go into the school shooting, shoot everyone he did not like, and then himself.”

I cannot say I am shocked a fifteen year old boy stole his dads guns, what I am disgusted about is that a grown woman threw gun into a creek!
I mean seriously is she that stupid!?!
All police stations take guns without questions, maybe if she had done the right thing this would have been solved a little sooner.
We can all be thankful that none of the students were actually harmed.
However Richard Yanis will be tried as an adult for his crimes of attempted murder.

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