Jeana Tales

::Thank You Notes::

Lately I have noticed an increase in people’s inability to park correctly.
Now I do not know if it is because some never learned or if it is because some people just dont care.
Either way I have started to take my own action.
Whenever someone parks too close to, not in the lines of their parking space, or when someone parks an SUV in a compact spot I have started leaving a little note.

Thank you for parking like a jack ass.

I left just yesterday at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.
Some jack ass in a white Hyundai parked so close I could not even open my door.
Christmas or not, I left a note.

I encourage the rest of you to start doing the same.
Most of us have napkins and a pen in our cars, so put it to use.
Stop letting jack asses inconvenience you!

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