::The Day The Earth Stood Still::

I thought this movie had the potential to be a good one.
However I was sorely disappointed this morning.
Keanu Reeves is nothing special, in fact I believe the movie could have been better without him. I have never thought of him as a great actor and this film confirmed my belief.
Kathy Bates as the secretary of defense was a huge joke. What was she defending her donuts? Seriously?! There are way better and more believable actresses out there to play that part. Unless none of Hollywood’s A listers wanted the part.
Te best part of the movie I thought was seeing Robert Knepper! He’s a great and diverse actor whom I always enjoy watching.

To sum it up; no one in my group of four thought it was an amazing movie. The general theme everyone took away was recycle or die.

All in all I would wait for it on HBO its not worth the money.
Because if you have seen the previews, you have pretty much seen the entire movie.
I do however give props to the marketing people for making it look about a million times better than it actually was.