I watched this movie the other night and I certainly enjoyed it.
I was a little unsure, because there are so many documentaries out there. It seems like anyone who has money believes they can make a good documentary. Though Bill Maher did a wonderful job.
It does not matter if you are religious or not, I fully believe everyone should see this film.
It is an eye opening experience that might make you question your beliefs.

I for one stopped believing a long time ago.
The idea of putting so much time and effort into something I cannot see just seems ridiculous.
I do not criticize those who believe, I do think that faith has powerful effects on some people.
However I just do not see how otherwise intelligent people can be so ignorant.
Example; seeing the Virgin Mary on a piece of bread. I mean really?!

Furthermore, with all the science we have today people still believe Jesus was born to a virgin?
I do not see that happening unless they had turkey basters back in the day.
Most importantly, I do not understand why all the religions contradict each other. If we all believe in God and he is good, why would he make some many different religions that spark such hatred?

I simply do not believe in a God because of all the suffering in the world. I cannot see how any being would purposefully allow children to starve, innocent men and women to die in an unjust war.
It makes no sense to me.

I do not want to engage in a religious debate.

I am simply saying this film is really wonderful and I believe everyone could learn a little from it, be it more about other religions or facts about your own. Bill Maher interviews everyone from politicians to religious leaders.

As the Senator of Arkansas says,

You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate.

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