::Beer Wars::

Beer Wars

A few weeks ago my BF and I went to the live premiere of Beer Wars at UCLA.
I had never really spent much time thinking about beer and how it is made.
Mostly because I usually dont drink beer, unless I am drinking all day in hot Lake Havasu sun.

I got annoyed at the before the movie even started because the filmmaker completely botched her opening speech. Blaming it on the lack of a teleprompter. But she could have just memorized the script and not looked like such an idiot.

Plus BEN STINE! Really, what does he have to do with beer.
I can see his importance if this was a documentary on Clear Eyes or something.

The movie really opened my eyes to the “little guy” trying to make it.
However, the filmmaker does not even drink beer or any other form of alcohol.
I find it ironic that someone who is allergic to alcohol would do a documentary on beer. Her opinion does not really have weight since she does not really have any experience to base it on.

The Moonshot lady was just annoying. She told a sad story of trying to make it as a craft brewer, just to try and sell out in the end. I truly believe that she just wanted/needed the publicity because her beer tastes horrible and she made the mistake of leaving the Sam Adams company.

This film took three years to make, so most of the information is dated and no longer relevant.


After the movie we attend a VIP party where we were able to taste the beers featured in the documentary and talk with the “under dogs”.
None, with the exception of Dogfish Head and still he did not make too much of an effort to interact with those around him. It appeared to me he was enjoying beer and talking with people he already new.
The Moonshot lady just walked around carry flowers as if to a homecoming queen or something.
The most annoying of the group was the film maker. She would come and interrupt conversations and just walk away. Not once did I see her spend time with the people who actually came to see her film.

I know I buy beers such a bud light because I am college student looking to have a good time for not a lot of money.

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