::Austin’s && Jen’s Birthday Parties Plus A Road Trip To SLO::

I was a little bummed last week when Austin had to head out of town to do work, after all we were suppose to be celebrating his birthday week! After many postponed flights he finally made it home and week celebrated his birthday in style.
It started out with his present from his family and I, a Canon Rebel camera. I knew he had wanted one for a long time. I had to do a lot of research and ask friends for help, but I picked out a good one! Austin’s dad made a pit stop on the way from LAX, to buy Austin a birthday present. A new boat! 🙂 We had been looking all summer and finally we found the perfect one! This set our crazy weekend in motion.

Thursday night we headed out to The Garter, in Venice for a night of birthday shots and good friends! With talk of taking the new boat out for a weekend trip I called our friends up in SLO. I found out it was Jen’s birthday on the 21st and they were having a kick ass Black and Green theme party on Saturday. With that information there was no doubt where we would be headed Saturday! Austin and I had a wonderful dinner Friday night at The Lobster with his family to celebrate Austin turing twenty-six!

After a long Saturday morning picking up and paying for the new boat, getting insurance, and picking up our friends, we were finally ready to hit the road. The only problem was the 101 was not moving very quickly. We decided to take the 5 instead, while on our new plotted route we spot Pyramid lake. Towing a new boat and passing up a lake is just not an option, so of course we stopped and took the new toy out for a spin!

After a few hours on the lake we hit the road again, destination Jen’s birthday party! She had no idea we were even coming up and the look on her face was completely priceless! This group of people are seriously so much fun, it makes me sad we live three hours away! Sunday we took our new toy out again for some great fun in the sun!

Probably one of the best weekend I have ever had with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Thanks to Miranda and Brent, Austin and I were able to surprise Jen on her birthday! I look forward to many more incredible memories with my SLO peeps!