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I clearly remember my high school graduation, my family kept saying how proud of me they were. I on the other hand was completely confused. Finishing High School seemed like a given, a small feat compared to my other goals and aspirations.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a majority of the time those who finish high school are more successful than their peers who drop out. What is disturbing is just how much money these high school dropouts are costing the already fragile state of California. I am not even talking about Welfare and health insurance, this is purely based on crime statistics.

UC Santa Barbara is releasing a study today on just how much these high school dropouts cost the citizens of California before turning eighteen. Pinpointing just how many students actually dropout of high school is difficult, however it is believed that nearly nineteen percent of high school students dropout!

In Los Angeles County, the figure is more than one in five, and at some L.A. schools, fewer than half of students graduate within four years.

Those are amazing numbers to me!

The California Dropout Research Project at UC Santa Barbara found that cutting the dropout rate in half would prevent 30,000 juvenile crimes and save $550 million every year.
The Research Project previously studied the economic effect of not finishing high school and found that for each group of 20-year-olds who fail to complete high school (roughly 120,000 per year), the economic loss is $46.4 billion.

“The connection between dropping out of school and juvenile crime is very clear,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. “The simple fact is if kids aren’t in school, they’re much more likely to be on the streets causing trouble, engaging in criminal activities such as burglary, thefts, graffiti and arsons.”

LA Times

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