::MathType, SPSS & Snow Leopard::

Last weekend I sold my Acer and three year old MacBook Pro in exchange for the MacBook that was just released.

It has been a long complicated process of getting all my programs installed and running on the new laptop, but worth it in the end. Most of the confusion came from the fact I had upgraded my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard in August and all my programs worked fine. Not being a computer genius I did not realize upgrading is different than all ready installed software.

At any rate I spent about three hours getting SPSS to work with Snow Leopard last Sunday night.
This is what I did for SPSS:

First download this Java, {direct link}
Make sure it is un-zipped and on your desktop
Second Go to MAc HD, System-Library-Frameworks-JavaVMFrameworks-Versions and drag the newly downloaded Java1.5.0
ThirdI found Java Preferences by using “SpotLight”
Here I dragged the java1.5 32bit to the top of the list.
From here the install went perfectly

All week I have been trying to do the same with MathType 6. Everywhere I looked it say MathType 6 is compatible with iWorks ’09. What the Twitter MathType and all the other forums did not mention, is that MathType 6 does not work well with Snow Leopard.
This is what I did for MathType 6:

Get your Install DVD from the box. Click on “Optional Instals”
Select “Rosetta”. From here the install went fine, except they dont tell you that it takes up to ten minutes for the install to be complete. So dont freak out if the multicolored wheel appears.

I am not a computer expert but I assume the “Rosetta” step might solve issues for SPSS, but I do not know for sure.
I am just hoping these steps save others a little time. 🙂