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::The Effects of Generation Gap::

I am reading the December edition of Psychology Today on our long drive home from Vegas.
The most interesting article is about the generation differences between baby-boomers and their kids.

Although I do not believe all baby-boomer parents are guilty of this accusation. Those who are have not only failed themselves, they have also failed their children.

It’s amazing the my generation has become accustom to lavish life-styles but lack any knowledge of how to attain the life-style.

I am not trying to push the blame on my peers, I am guilty as well. I also knowy generation’s lack of ambition has not gone un-noticed by the baby-boomers. However, they are not willing to admit their role is this growing epidemic.

“Baby-boomer parents achieved a level of middle-class comfort. They had fewer children so they could sustain that comfort- and gave their children everything, except the strength and guidance to navigate the myraid choices and uncertainties of the 21st century.”

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