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::Bass Lake::

This past weekend a group of us headed to Bass Lake to celebrate Ryan’s birthday!

We ended up getting a super late start on Friday, which turned out to be to our advantage.
By the time Austin and I arrived at the cabin it was 2:30 am on Saturday. We were a head of the other group and the other car had the key to the cabin.
It turns out that the huge storm LA experienced dropped snow in Bass Lake. More importantly, this storm dropped about 18 inches between 8:00 and 10:00 pm Friday night. So, in a way we were lucky that we left when we did.
By the time the guys showed up around 3:30 am the 4 x 2 Ford they were driving got stuck in the snow. We had to try and get them out but couldn’t do much. We gave up and headed to the cabin. This simple task also turned out to be more complicated. The “front door” was really in the back covered by snow. The power was out on the block and the house was freezing!
Luckily we had a few flash lights in the trucks and were able to get a couple of fires started.
Finally we got to bed around 6:00 am and it was a chilly night. The power turned back on around 4:00 pm Saturday and everyone warmed up.

Mean while the group made the best out of the situation and started sledding down the drive way. We even oiled the shovel to increase speed. All in all it was a great weekend filled with many adventures!

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