::Pop Psychology::

As many know I am passionate about psychology. I believe the field has provided a lot of new information and helped scientist understand human behavior. However, there are three things I loath about psychology. The first is when people find out I am a psychology major they always assume I can read their mind, or even worse that I give a care about their life, I have known you for two minutes. Second, not every psychology major wants to do clinical work. I personally do not want to sit in a chair while people complain to me about problems I believe are fixable on their own. Mostly because I can and do give people advice until I have utilized my last breath and most will still make the same mistakes. Third, I hate that a majority of society believe psychology simple. That it is common sense anyone can figure out. If that were true then why is society more messed up than ever before?

Therefore when I was reading through the April 2010 edition of Psychology Today I came a cross a section I just had to share. A section that will hopefully silence all of the want to be psychologist and critics.

Psychology Today Debunks More Conventional Wisdom
Myth number one: Bullies Have Small Egos
People often assume aggression is derived from low self-esteem. However, violent criminals typically think more highly of themselves than most other people do. Aggression ofter occurs when someone challenges these favorable self-views.
-Melissa Burkley

Myth number two: Narcissist Are More Successsful
Many people believe that self-confidence, even self-centeredness, is necessary for success. Yet narcissistic people are actually less successful in the long run because they set unrealistic goals, take too many risks, and alienate others.
– Jean Twenge

Myth number three: Obesity Is A Body Problem
People with “fat genes” have a slow metabolism, right? New research shows that genes cause obesity mostly by guiding eating behavior.
-Susan Carnell

Myth number four: Unconditional Praise Is Good
Telling kids they’re wonderful in every way, no matter what they do, is a bad idea. What’s missing is the relationship between behaviors and consequences , and the sense of achievement that comes from doing something difficult. Taking on a challenge and succeeding at it gives kids a sense of earned merit, rather than just “I must be great because people tell me I am.”
-Jefferson Fish

My hope is that this post enlightens a few who care to learn. Everything that is published in a magazine or spewed on television is no necessarily true. We should each take the time to investigate the facts before making irrational decisions.