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::When One Door Closes…::

…Another one opens. The secret is being willing and able to walk through it.

Adversity is a unavoidable component of life and eventually so is defeat.

When it comes to athletics I have always been able to bounce back into action quickly. I was willing to run the extra five miles or wake up at 5:00 am for an early practice. However, when it came to being defeated in academics it took me a good amount of time to fight my way back to the top.

It has been a difficult two years working hard to repair the damage to my grade point average and to my reputation as a student. Not to mention to build up the courage to admit my mistakes and finally ask for help. I felt for a long time that perhaps this transition in my life was not meant to be or perhaps I was in the wrong place. Instead of doubting myself, I needed to be surrounded by others who share similar goals. I needed to return to the environment in which I strive. I needed to hear positive feedback that my hard work was not going unnoticed. I needed to reignite my competitive spark.

The past year has been about transformation for me. I have set and achieved my goals. I have made life style changes that have improved not only my quality of life but my outlook on life as well. I learned (the hard way) that waking up with a hangover and no obligations is not all its cracked up to be. It is a depressing and extremely difficult cycle to break, but I am thankful for the learning experience. It has helped me become more determined to achieve the goals I set for myself.

In addition to changing my life I have meet some absolutely amazing people over the past year. The friendships that I have gained and strengthened these past few months are nothing short of inspiring. I have gained friends who are genuinely happy for my successes and I for theirs. The list of people I consider actual friends remains a short one. A few names have been erased, but more importantly names have been added.

I wish I would have realized a little earlier that with defeat comes opportunity. I was somewhat misguided but have since recovered. I am extremely excited about my future instead of feeling frustrated. I am ready to begin the general experimental program at California State University, Northridge in the fall. I am excited to spend more time with and learn from my mentor and soon to be lab coordinator. I honestly learn a little lesson in kindness and humility each day I am around them.

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