::Cabo, Summer 2010::

Late Friday July 23rd Austin, myself and his family returned from our annual family vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

This trip required more patience than usual, the entire group squished into a two level, three bedroom penthouse. I tried to keep positive and remind myself I was in paradise, but there were time that was simply impossible. However, I am grateful for the experience. With Austin’s little sister heading off to Dallas to start her freshman year at SMU, these family vacations will probably become few and far between.

For the second time in the ten trips I have made to Cabo, Austin and I enjoyed a local activity! We went snorkeling! I was hesitant at first, you never know if you will actually get whet the company advertises. This one pulled through. It was a three hour excursion, included forty-five minutes of snorkeling, lunch and open bar. You cannot beat that!

Also this trip I caught my first marlin on the Great Escape! On the last day I reeled in a huge tuna that we ere able to bring back to LA and enjoy!

Like I said, I am grateful for the experience but I am happy to home. In my own bed with my babies. Even if it is freezing in Santa Monica.