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::Making Changes::

I have been doing some serious soul searching these past few days.

I have continually tried to improve my life by adding positive; working out more, eating healthier; spending quality time with loved ones. However, this weekend I realized that what I need is not to add additional positive aspects of my life, but instead to rid my life of the negative ones.

After a less than successful couple of weeks, the need for change was no longer an option. I have been forced to see that I was living life at 50%. Which, does not benefit myself or those around me. At the end of the day I am left frustrated and angry; knowing I have the potential do better. As my coach (who I have rarely seen recently) always says, “Anything worth doing deserves 100%, or don’t do it.”

There are three changes I will make for the next two months.
I will not drink; by this I mean nights of binge drinking that leads to a day of inactivity due to a hangover.
I will replace negative thoughts with positive ones and stop making excuses.
I will not log onto facebook..

I am not saying I will not have a glass of wine at dinner with Austin or a cold beer at a Dodger game. I am saying I will refrain from endless shots, beer bongs and needless over indulgence.

I know that by changing the way I approach a situation I can change my reactions; more importantly the outcome. I cannot change the fact that this semester my cohort has been given an under qualified professor. What I can change is my attitude. I can teach myself and I can be successful.

I have to stop wasting my life on facebook.. I am tired of pretending. I do not care who went out to eat with their boyfriend or who bought a new pair of shoes. There are a handful of people I adore in real who become so incredibly self absorbed online that it literally makes me nauseated. If each of us spent half the time we do on facebook. helping those around us, the world would be an extremely better place.

Today seems perfect; the end of the semester is six weeks away, the LSAT is in exactly two months. More importantly, there is no time like the present to make changes in my life. These next two months of complete dedication and hard work that will pay off with a successful and happy future, in all aspects of my life.

Until June facebook. friends, you will have to find me the old fashioned ways; Twitter and instant messenger. 🙂

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