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For the past two years I have attempted to live a healthier lifestyle (approaching 30 will do that to a lady). Initially I started a pescitarian diet and I have recently cut out dairy 95% of the time. So, I eat relatively well and I was going to the gym regularly (5x a week); however, I was not seeing the results I desired. I decided after Stagecoach 2015 I would start a new program, Body Beast.

Body Beast Kit

While the 12 week program is designed for men, women have seen incredible results as well. To be clear it is not my goal to bulk up but rather to see definition. Although, I have been an athlete most of my life I am out of practice and in need of guidance in the weight room.

Sagi Kalev, a.k.a. The Beast, is the trainer throughout the program. Sagi is a clinical nutritionist and entertaining. He first won Mr. Israel at the age of 19. The Beast knows what he is talking about.

The Book of Beast, accompanies the DVDs, contains a calorie calculator, nutritional information, and meal plans. My only complaint with this section is the majority of the proteins listed are animal based. Because I am a strict pescitarian, I am struggling to consume enough (non-soy based) protein while keeping the suggested portions in check.

I discovered amazing plant based (Vegan) supplements by Vega. In addition, Beachbody has a meal replacement shake, Shakeology. There are two Vegan Shakeology flavors, chocolate and tropical. Both are delicious; however, I am not a chocolate fan and opted for the tropical flavor.

In order to complete the program you will need some basic equipment:

A set of dumbbells- at home I have 5 lbs, 10 lbs, and 25 lbs.

A bench (or stability ball)

A pull up bar

I completed Block One: Build-the first three weeks, on May 19.

I have to admit, I was hesitant at first. I was unsure how I would like working out at home vs. the gym, but as I learned the workouts I was able to complete them on my own at the gym.

Thus far, I have noticed very little physical change but there is a difference. I feel stronger, the workouts have become easier (to an extent), and I am starting to notice a tiny bit of definition. Before completing the Beast’s Build Leg workout I thought I had strong legs; I was wrong. Three weeks in, I vomited after the cardio workout. Body Beast is challenging and that is what I love about it. The most important thing to remember is to finish the workouts. There are still a few sets that I have to complete with no weights, the Sagi 6-way is one of them. In addition, I am unable to complete a pull-up (I never have been able to) so I sit on the beach and make the same motions while holding 10 lbs. dumbbells.

I should point out, that I only did the the Build workouts during Block One, not the Tempo. I did this so I could easily compare my progress. I recommend downloading and printing the Body Beast worksheets. I used the same worksheet throughout Block One. Meaning for the first Build Chest workout I wrote the date and day of the program (April 29, Week One/Day One) at the top of the worksheet I then used the same worksheet for the second Build Chest workoutwriting the date and day of the program (May 5, Week One/Day 7) at the top in a different colored pen. I am a visual person and this affords me a quick visual representation of my progress.

The most important thing I have learned thus far: My fasted cardio 3x a week was actually doing more harm than good. You can read one of the many articles here:

With any weight loss/muscle building program its a good idea to take photographs and measurements periodically. Because Body Beast is broken down into three blocks, the predetermined intervals are perfect for comparing measurements.

My measurements:

April 29, 15 May 19, 15
Chest 39 37.5
Right arm 12.5 12
Left arm 12.5 12
Waist 31.25 30
Hips 42 39.75
Right thigh 24.75 24
Left thigh 24.75 24

While there is a clear difference in my measurements, its important to remember the point of this program is to build muscle. Lastly, I have followed the meal plans outlined in the Book of Beast, but I have not given up alcohol. I still enjoy a couple of cold beers during a Dodger game or after a softball win.

UPDATE-Block Two: Build

I am half way through the Body Beast program and a little over half way through Block Two: Bulk.

The benefit to the Block Two is that the workouts are shorter, about 30-40 minutes. This makes working out before work extremely easy.

I continue to make some modifications to the program. The biggest modification I have made to Block Two is the amount of weights. I have not been increasing each workout, but rather maintaining for two workouts (two weeks) then increasing. I do this because I do not want a huge, bulky chest, I just want defined muscles. Perhaps this is why I still struggle with some of the workouts, specifically pull-ups and decline push-ups. But, I believe if I try and complete the workout each day I will notice a difference. Again, I am not trying to be a body builder, I just want to be a healthier version of myself. With that said, I definitely see muscle definition and others are beginning to notice as well.

As before, I still struggle to eat the required number of correct calories, specifically protein. I am going to buckle down on the diet portion for the next two weeks. I plan to eliminate starches and ensure I consume the correct amount of protein. This sounds easy, but its more time consuming and difficult than you might think. I know, I know. No one said fitness was an easy journey.

My measurements:

April 29, 15 May 19, 15 June 10, 15
Chest 39 37.5 37
Right arm 12.5 12 12.5
Left arm 12.5 12 12.5
Waist 31.25 30 29.25
Hips 42 39.75 39
Right thigh 24.75 24 25
Left thigh 24.75 24 25

As with my previous measurements, there is a clear difference. At this point have increased in size, but also in strength. I have lost weight in all the right places; chest/back, waist, and hips. I expected my arms and legs to increase in size during Block Two, as it is called Bulk.

UPDATE-Block Three: Beast

It incredibly hard to believe that it took me three additional months to update this post; I guess real life got in the way of blogging. Overall, the BodyBeast program did what it is designed to do, it made me strong. Probably the strongest I have been in many years.

While I did not achieve my desired results, I only have myself to blame. Like any fitness program half of the commitment is the diet. I did not eat according to my goals and ended up failing, in my eyes. As I embark on new fitness challenges I am reminded that I have to act and eat according to the goals I want to achieve.


Wednesday, April 29, 15 Tuesday, May 19, 15 Wednesday, June 10, 15 Monday, June 29, 15
Chest 39 37.5 37 37.5
Right arm 12.5 12 12.5 13
Left arm 12.5 12 12.5 13
Waist 31.25 30 29.25 32
Hips 42 39.75 39 41
Right thigh 24.75 24 25 25
Left thigh 24.75 24 25 25



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