::Why I Joined A (Men’s) Shave Club::

A few months ago I heard an add for Harry’s razors on one of my favorite podcast, Truth & Justice.

Although the advertisement/sponsorship was focused on men I began to think, “Why not me?” I have always hated buying razors, like seriously hated it! I would use the same blade until it was unusable.

There are numerous reasons why I hate buying (female) razors, but I will list my top two:

  1. They are fucking expensive. Why is $15 for two blades the norm? What the fuck are the made out of?
  2. What are the companies putting on the razor to give it that smell? Seriously, what chemicals are going directly onto my skin? Who is monitoring those chemicals and the long term affects? The truth, not a damn person.

Right when I would purchase new (female) blades I would scrap all the pink, girlie, smelly stuff off. Then I would seriously use it for at least a month because it cost so much damn money. So, when I heard about Harry’s and their promotion for Truth & Justice listeners I was all in.

I am talking high quality razors shipped to your house at a frequency you decided and a fraction of the cost.

I know, I thought it was too good to be true too. The best part was the price of my trial, $3 plus shipping around $5. RIDICULOUS!

Okay, so here’s why you have to try Harry’s:

  • The price. To start its approximately $3, after that subscribe and save. I did 8 blades every three month (although I skipped this month, for free) for $16.50.
  • The quality. The blades are made for a man’s face so they create a super clean shave. There’s no extra crap attached, just a blade.
  • The convenance. The blades ship right to your door, no more running to the drug store at 10pm. You can other items, adjust the number of blades, and skip shipments from the app or browser. Also, there is no cancelation fee or minimum number of shipments required.
  • The company. Read their Story, I am all about supporting small business over huge companies.

Please note, this is not a paid or sponsored post, I really just LOVE their razors.