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::Want To Feel Beautiful and Good About Your Products? Cruelty Free Shampoo::

Today I want to talk about something I don’t normally talk about, beauty products. If you know me you know I love girlie things, but I do not normally focus on makeup and hair products. They aren’t in my wheel house and are just not products I ever fell in love with, but I am always on the lookout for non-toxic, cruelty free products that work.

A little back story about myself:

I have always had wavy/curly hair. I spent most of my youth trying to hide it via blow outs, flat irons, and a lot of products. As I learned more about all the chemicals in my then favorite products I began to transition to more natural hair. But, I still felt as though my hair never really looked good natural. Like, my hair wasn’t curly it just looked poofy.

I have tried all the big players in the game; Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchel, Big Sexy Hair, Dry Bar, all of them. And I still felt as though nothing was working on my type of hair. I had pretty much given up on my curly hair appearing curly most of the time.

Here comes Maple Holistics

For the past month I have tried their Tea Tree Oil shampoo and it has been a game changer for my hair!

My hair feels amazing, even my stylist complimented how healthy my hair is. My hair actually appears curly in pictures rather than poofy- I seriously can’t believe it! More than helping my natural curl, my hair is so much more manageable when I do straighten it. I have way less breakage my round brush no longer gets stuck in my hair mid blow dry 🙄.

Being completely honest and transparent, I have never received so many compliments on my hair, especially when I wear it naturally. Most ladies think I have some crazy expensive products, but in reality I just went back to the basics. I cut out all the chemicals and let Maple Holistics do the work.

Here’s more reason to love Maple Holistics:

  • It’s natural
  • It’s cruelty free
  • It’s affordable- $8 for shampoo (unheard of)
  • It lathers like the shampoo most of us are use to
  • It smells amazing, reminds me of a spa day
  • Free shipping on order over $25
  • They offer free, yes FREE products!
  • I love supporting small business

I will never go back to chemical filled, expensive products again. My hair feels amazing and I feel good about my choices, ethically and morally. There’s no reason why you can’t as well, Maple Holistics will send you free product samples!

Try it (click here)!

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