::Is Network Marketing A Scam?::

Let’s talk about Network Marketing.

There’s been a lot of talk recently, at least on my social media about Network Marketing (NWM); and, I want to clear the air. I really want to educate others about the beauty of this business and address the elephant in the room, is NWM a scam?


For the most part- NWM is not a pyramid scheme. *I say for the most part because I do not know nor do I have to time to educate myself on every NWM company that exists around the world.

In fact, at least in America, pyramid schemes are illegal. If a pyramid scheme makes it big it will be shut down. With that said, the very definition of a pyramid scheme is a company which makes promises and participants see nothing in return. In other words, there is no product.

Cayla Craft, a.k.a. Mommy Millionaire has a great podcast on this topic. Click here to listen.


Not all NWM companies are created equal. There are certain companies that require participants to purchase the product(s) in bulk, store the product(s), and distribute. There are others, (e.g., Isagenix) which are based on direct sales, meaning the parent company is responsible for storing and shipping the product(s).


NWM is great ways for an individual to become their own boss with little overhead, usually for $200 or less. When considering the start-up cost for a brick and mortar store, it’s 10s of $1,000s. More importantly, for those who desire more time freedom to be with family, travel the world, or volunteer this is an incredible opportunity for exponential, residual, financial growth with the ability to work from anywhere at any time.


We are all NWMers. The only difference- when you join a NWM company you receive a commission for sharing what you love! Last I checked Sephora didn’t offer me a commission for talking about my favorite Kat VonD lipstick- nor did my favorite beach bar for referring customers. Yep, still waiting on the commission from the movie theater after talking up Equalizer 2 at the AMC in Santa Monica. You see, its natural to share what you love. We want those around us to experience the best- the NWM profession is no different.


If you have tried a NWM business in the past and it didn’t work out- stop preventing those around you from trying. The amazing thing about NWM is it only works if you do. So if you failed, maybe you didn’t really try. Maybe people don’t trust you. Maybe you didn’t have access to great training. Or maybe, just maybe you didn’t believe in it yourself. Regardless of the reason you failed, stop trying to bring those around you down too.


NWM the highest paid industry for the past five years (here is one of many articles). Yep, you read that correctly. Higher than the NFL and the entertainment industries (movies, music, and video games) 13 billion and 76.8  billion respectively in 2015. The NWM industry was worth 187 billion in 2015- and, there’s no sign of slowing down.

This is the business of the 21st century.

This is the profession to live life by design.

This is the oppertunity to stop trading time for money.

This is the opportunity to change your financial blueprint.


Featured image by LUM3N on Unsplash