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Are You Prepared

Hey friend, quick question.🤔

Are you prepared…for an accident?

If you were to have an accident tomorrow, what are your options?

I don’t mean the kind of accident where you stay home a couple of days, I mean the kind of oh shit, life altering, you need a back up plan accident.

You see after my 11-day stay in the hospital I began to tell my fellow fitness industry people to make sure they have health insurance. One actually replied, “I don’t plan on going to the hospital.” That’s the thing about accidents; no one plans them they just happen.

I didn’t plan to fall off a scooter

I didn’t plan on contracting pneumonia and a staph infection while in the hospital.

I certainly didn’t plan on not being cleared for work (as a personal trainer and stretch therapist) for 6 weeks. 😕

  • Can you afford to be home from work for 6 weeks?
  • Can you take real time off of work to heal?
  • Can you afford to hire help so your body can truly recover without the added stress of everyday life?

What are you doing today, while you’re healthy, so in the event of an oh shit, life altering accident you’re ready?

Network marketing isn’t perfect, but it is the perfect side hustle in the pockets of your time. This industry allows average people to create the LEVERAGE required to keep money coming in if you’re unable to work.

After almost two years of building my network marketing business part time I was able to make money even though I couldn’t work my “traditional” job.😲

NWM allowed me peace of mind that my bills would be paid  without additional stress on my husband even while I was healing. I didn’t feel rushed to get back to work because “I had bills to pay.”

I don’t share any of this with you to brag but rather to stress the value of having options.

Whatever you value, whatever season of your life, sister, there is POWER in having a side hustle.

Let me ask you again, are you prepared?

If your answer is no and you’re ready…

to plan for a rainy day in the pockets of your time (less than 10 hours a week), then Sis, let’s chat; because I promise you there is a better way than pay check to pay check.  

Featured image by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

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