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Be A Doer

I use to be a sometimer…🤔

  • Some days I would drink a shake.
  • Some days I would take vitamins. 
  • Some days I would move my body.
  • Some days I would work on personal development.

As a result, some days I would feel good about my life and confident in myself.

Then I realized the (physical, emotion, mental, and financial) transformation I am looking for is on the other side of my excuses (aka the hard work).😦

So I started doing the work.

Jeana's transformation November 2017 to February 2020.

What you see is a doer.

What I feel is 43 days of consistency.🔥

I get it.

  • Waking up early to workout is not ideal.
  • Making food and drink choices based on your goals is not fun.
  • Reading a personal development book for 30 minutes is not sexy.

But you know what…

  • feeling uncomfortable in your skin is not ideal.
  • counting calories Monday-Thursday just to indulge on the weekend is not fun.
  • being angry and putting others down because you’re unhappy with yourself is not sexy

I share this lifestyle nutrition because it changed my life, you can see the physical transformation.💪🏼

But what you can’t see is…

  • self confidence.
  • a marriage strengthen because of compassion. 
  • friendships saved and cultivated because of self respect.

You may be thinking what does nutrition have to do with any of that.


If you are unhappy because you cannot sleep through the night and/or your clothes are a little too tight; unhappiness is seeping into all aspects of your life.

You are…

  • avoiding workouts.
  • snapping at your loved ones. 
  • settling for mediocre friendships.

The person you desire to be and the life you dream of are on the other side of the excuses you tell yourself every day.

Stop being a sometimer, start being a doer; you are more than capable.💖

Featured image by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

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