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Change; it’s inevitable. I am still confused when individuals see it as a negative or try to avoid it.

I was told the other day I’ve changed.

It was thrown at me as an insult but I take as the highest compliment.

I have changed; a lot, I said as much in my post 2 weeks ago.

  • I’ve changed in the last year after my accident.
  • I’ve changed in the last 6 months because of new, positive friendships.
  • I have changed since January after completing #75Hard.
  • I’ve changed in the last week after unexpectedly losing one of my fur-babies.

I’m glad I have changed.

I have put a lot of work into changing.

Unfortunately, that means out growing (some) people.

I’m not longer “okay” with gossip + superficial friendships.

I expect more from those I surround myself with. 

I’m not here to say everyone needs to change or everyone is made for greatness.

I think some people are fine with mediocrity; and, truthfully the world needs it.

But I know I am made for more.

So, I’ll take the insult + wear as a badge of honor.

Remember: The only people who try to hold you back are the ones who are too scared (or too lazy) to grow themselves.

•Stay healthy, friends. 💖

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