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February 25, 2006 – March 30, 2020

Last Friday afternoon, March 27, Keiki was struggling to breathe & I could tell by the look in her eyes something was wrong.

We took her to hospital.
Waited (in the car, thanks Corona).
Two hours later she was diagnosed with heart failure.

Keiki was admitted to the hospital with an echocardiogram scheduled for Saturday morning.

After another X-ray & the echocardiogram the cardiac vet diagnosed Keiki with Degenerative Valve Disease (DVD).

She was showing signs of improvement throughout the day Saturday, so we opted to leave her for one more night.

However, Sunday morning Keiki’s X-ray showed a moderate amount of fluid remained in her lungs & elevated markers in her kidneys.

The IV diuretic to help remove fluid from the body requires a lot of work from the kidneys (they need fluid); thus, dogs are only on the IV diuretic for 48 hours max.

Due to Keiki reaching the time limit of the IV & after reviewing her X-ray & blood work this morning her cardiac vet, Austin, & myself decided to bring Keiki home.

Sunday afternoon was incredibly stressful. There were moments of absolute terror & moments where the light in Keiki’s eyes began to return.

As the night progressed Keiki’s breathing began to increase, a sign of heart failure due to the pulmonary edema.

I gave her 3 doses of the prescription diuretic to help remove fluid from her lungs but I knew she was in heart failure again.

Austin & I took her back to the hospital.

We all decided humane euthanasia was the best option for Keiki as she was in heart failure & approaching kidney failure.

It will be the toughest decision I will ever make.

I did not want to be the one to give up on her but we could not continue to watch her struggling to breath as her lungs filled with blood.

If you have ever met Keiki you know what I mean when I say the light was gone from her eyes; instead they were filled with terror.

Keiki passed away at 4:36am in Austin’s arms, her favorite place.

For those who have reached out, thank you. We appreciate your love & support. It will be a long road of finding a new normal for our little family. 💔🐶😭

March 31st, 2020

I have tried to write the perfect caption for this sweet baby girl.

The truth is there are few words to describe the impact this ray of sunshine had on the world.⭐️

There was not a person Keiki met she did not love & most loved her back.

She had ridiculous habits; like going up the stairs backwards & squeaking uncontrollably when she was excited

She never learned to swim nor did she fight back when other dogs picked on her. 😦

She usually just sank when left unattended in a body of water & rolled over in excitement when chased.

She was without a doubt a sweet & special soul.

I often joked I would never love her as much as I love Anela; but, by the void in my life right now I could not have been more wrong.

I can only hope she felt as loved as she was. That she is forever stealing blankets, begging for fries, & sneaking wine when no one is looking.

She will be missed, more than simple words can express.💔😭

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