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Shift Your Mindset

Shift your mindset. We’ve all heard this before, just shift your mindset. But HOW?! It’s not easy. It takes time, but it’s possible. Here’s a little tip, be patient with yourself. Do the work and the result(s) will follow.

Why is this happening TO me vs what is the lesson attached to this experience?

Some of you may be thinking you already have, maybe that’s true.

I thought I had a year ago.

I shifted from the passive, victim standpoint to a controlled, evolving woman.

I was wrong.

I sat in self-pity for close to 10 months before I realized it.

I thought why are so many bad things happening TO me?

Why has this last year been so difficult for me?

As I meditated this morning I realized that dialogue was everything I claimed to have left behind.

Here’s the thing, maybe I did move past the victim mindset when things were going good but I fell right back into it at the first sign of adversity.

And that’s okay. This is a learning process for us all.

What we can do is allow our selves grace and understanding.

We can take note of our weakness in order to improve.

Friends, the Universe/God/Energy (whatever you believe) is working FOR you; I promise.

Take a second to ask yourself what you can learn.

What can these weeks of solitude teach you?

Maybe you need your friends more than you thought.

Maybe you need them too much.

Maybe you’re happy not being in an office 40+ hours a week.

Maybe you crave that structure.

Maybe you miss your workout classes.

Maybe you don’t.

Think about it…

and allow yourself to pivot.💖

Featured image by Samuel Austin on Unsplash

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