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Life Keeps Moving

My earliest and most fond memories involve a body of water and sunshine on my skin. I find peace when I feel the power yet gentleness of waves sweeping over my body. I am reminded how fragile and powerful I am. Water is a great teacher, if you take time to listen. The greatest of all lessons; even on my bad days, life keeps moving

In the past 2 weeks…

  • I brought Keiki’s remains home.
  • I celebrated (fur) Mother’s Day.
  • I started #75Hard part ✌🏼.
  • I started another 16-week challenge.
  • I rank advanced in my company.
  • I’ve earned $1900.
  • I’ve helped 6 people improve their health.

I share all this with you not to brag but to share my journey because I know quarantine is hard.

I know life doesn’t stop, the bad + the good moments keep happening.

I know what its feel like to be frustrated, laid off, unable to socialize with those you love, to experience extreme loss.

I have learned through it all of this to focus on my attitude + my effort.

Friends, we cannot control quarantine, Covid19, or the economy.

But we can control our actions (or lack there of).

If you’re looking for a second stream of income, a better source of nutrition, a hobby, or a different career path; I have a solution, because life keeps moving (regardless if we do or not).

My in box is always open. 💌

Featured image by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

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