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Growth, it doesn’t happen over night; and similar working out people won’t notice a change right away. But, the time will pass anyway so why not become a little bit better everyday?

Last Sunday I was interviewed for my Isagenix team of 20,000 people regarding hitting the highest level of leadership in the company, Crystal Executive.

I hit Crystal Executive even when life was a little difficult. There were times I wanted to give up, I’m sure some of you have felt the same way recently. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

During this the interview @__jamesmcleod__gave me the greatest compliment.

He said talking to me now compared to talking to me 2 years ago is night + day.

I take so much pride in other’s ability to see the work I have put in.

If you knew me 24, 12, 6, or 2 months ago you don’t know me.

  • I still care; I am just careful with my energy.
  • I’m still fun; I just understand there’s a time to be serious.
  • I’m still a people pleaser; I just refuse to put myself of the back burner.
  • I’m still self-assured; I just don’t seek the approval of others.

I believe the 🔐 to happiness is progression.

I choose to be a little bit better + a little bit bolder everyday.

You can come with me or watch me, either way I’m on a mission.💖

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