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75 Hard, Part 2

75 hard, part 2. If you have followed me for a little while you know I completed 75 hard in March.

What started as a personal challenge to increase my mental toughness surrounding my wellness business transition into a personal goal of developing new habits around going out.

I have decided to start 75 Hard again (I’m on day 2).

This is something that has crossed my mind a few times over the past 4 months, but I never put it into action.

Honestly, I thought about just “adjusting” the program (which invalidates the program) until after my birthday in October.

That’s when I realized now is exactly the time I need to be on 75 Hard.

These 75 days will take me through my husband, Austin’s birthday, Labor Day weekend, & my birthday (at the very least).

You may be thinking but why be on a strict program when there’s so much to celebrate?

Simply put, I’m better on this program.

  • Wife.
  • Dog mom.
  • Friend.
  • Business partner.
  • Athlete.
  • Person.

I feel mental clarity.

I feel less moody & annoyed by things outside my control.

And friends, that’s the point.

I currently have very little control right now in my life.

I can’t control when businesses open back up.

I can’t control how my neighbors behave.

But I can control my effort & focus.

If you’re ready to push yourself, join me; Jake & Kathleen are!

The daily tasks are simple (doing this every day for 75 days is hard):

  • -2 45 minute workouts per day, one outside
  • -Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book
  • -Drink a gallon of water
  • -Follow a diet (no alcohol)
  • -Take a progress picture

(Listen to Andy’s podcast MFCEO Episode 290 for full details).

Let’s go!🔥

Featured image by kazuend on Unsplash

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