Popular Circle vs Winner’s Circle

You’ve probably read in the plethora of posts on the internet something about the Popular Circle vs Winner’s Circle. The two ideas are contrasted frequently, maybe under different definitions but the idea is the same. I find this concept interesting because most of us don’t think there’s a difference. But there is, my favorite comparison is: 

Don’t confuse the Popular circle with the Winner’s circle.

Earlier today I posted this caption on instagram:

Don’t confuse the Popular Circle with the Winner’s Circle.

The Popular circle is comfortable and safe(ish); its average.

But, the Winner’s circle is for the elite- for those willing to get uncomfortable in order to achieve their goals.

Which circle do you prefer?

I’d rather be running with the elite than complaining with the average.

Allow me to explain (my thinking).

  • We’re taught at a young age to blend in.
  • Not to brag about our accomplishments.
  • Not be (too) weird or polarizing.
  • Not be too outspoken or loud (I see ya, girls). 

Why, because those traits (to name a few) make others uncomfortable; and, one will not become popular by making their peers uncomfortable.

Being Popular means, at least traditionally, you are protected because like-minded people surround you. Now, you’re still surrounded by like-minded people but its not necessarily a good thing.

In fact research suggests, students benefit (in popularity) by doing well either socially or academically, but not both (Meijs et al., 2010).

Not both, because both is weird. Uncommon. Unheard of. Uncomfortable for those who are not both.

How does this apply to adult life?


The majority was never taught to out grow group thinking (popularity) or the idea that uncomfortable is always bad; so, the majority continues living a comfortable life.

Winners, on the other hand, keep pushing themselves and those around them to evolve in order to succeed, in all aspects of life. (For example) Have you ever been around a high-powered attorney, professional athlete, or a powerful business owner? You feel the difference. There’s a feeling of excellence and hard work that encompasses them.

Some say Winners are hyper focused, obsessed even. Super type A personalities. 


Maybe Winners just understand how precious our time is and thus allocate zero time for drama or situations that do not serve their end goal.  

The Winner’s circle may be smaller than the Popular circle but its more welcoming and understanding, because winners know what it takes to succeed- and understand there’s room at the top for everyone. 

I urge you to think about which circle you prefer compared to which circle you are surrounded by in your everyday life.

Are you surrounded by friends who push you to be better and in the direction of your goals, or do you gossip about other people and reality tv?🧐

Featured image by Carolyn V on Unsplash

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