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Don’t be Afraid to…

Don’t be afraid to fuck things up.
🤔I know but stay with me.

If you know anything about me you know I love SoulCycle– my love shifted a little with the pandemic.

I purchased the home bike in May, which I love; but it comes with metrics traditional studio classes don’t have. Namely beat match (for recorded classes).

I began to see other riders post pictures of their perfect rides (because you can’t see other people’s stats)- I started to feel envious.

I began to approach my home bike as something I have to do rather than something I love to do.

I spent many classes trying to reach 100% beat match, only to find at the end I was slightly off (98-99%).

I would unclip feeling frustrated & less than (which is NOT the point of Soul). 

Until this week- I let go of the ever-elusive 100% & reminded myself why I fell in love with Soul to begin with: to sweat, to be inspired, to be an athlete, to move with a like-minded community. 

All the things I felt for 500+ classes before my rides were confined to my living room. 

This morning, I hit the 100% after a ride I was sure I messed up BUT I had the most fun. Surprising because my legs were the most sore I’ve been in a while (post double).

My point- often our fear of failure (& comparison) keeps up from showing up in our full potential.

Friend, regardless of what you’re doing don’t be afraid to fuck it up, mostly because you will eventually anyway- but also because we are all imperfect & life is too short.💖

Featured image by Sam Hull on Unsplash

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