Network Marketing

Shop Small

Now more than ever it’s important to shop small.

When you support small businesses you aren’t helping a big chain or CEO earn another million (maybe even billion, Forbes estimates Bezos net worth at 2 billion); you’re helping a mom stay home with her babies (according to CBNC 865,000 women have left work in 2020) or a dad put food on the table with (a little less) stress.

If you’ve been following the economic trends, layoffs are about to enter the white collar industry as well.

Shop small even when it’s a little more expensive and inconvenient.💖

Here are a few of my favorite small businesses, I’ve linked their IG accounts/websites:

** Not Santa Monica local but small businesses, so still check them out.

As always, I highly encourage sending your favorite fitness instructor, hair stylist, esthetician, nurse, doctor, officer, and/or bartender a $5 Venmo for a ☕️ this time of year.

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