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Resolution Check-in

It’s a little difficult to believe we’re rounding out February already- it feels like just last week we were all bright-eyed making 2021 resolutions. But- it is time for a little resolution check-in.

I committed 2021 to things that serve me.

Which in return means limiting or eliminating things that do not.

I stopped watching (drama filled) reality TV & listening to true crime podcasts. 

Since December 31st I have read five books & listened to three.

I have moved my body in some capacity & drank a gallon of water everyday. 

I share this not to brag but rather to share my progress.

Real change requires time.

What I once had to force myself to do has become a habit; choosing water over coffee, reading over TV, movement over siting still.

I had to force myself to pick up my water cup and put the coffee away. I had to force myself to read just 10 pages (I literally would count them out). I had to force myself to move everyday.

As we close out February (2021) I urge you to consider saying yes to what serves you, even if you have to force yourself in the beginning.

You’re worth it.💖

Featured image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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