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Anything is Possible

Yesterday, I was chatting with a potential business parter about how anything is (financially) possible with Isagenix.

I told her that while I may not be where I want to be financially it is possible because I know people who have done it.

I know a couple who have made $250,000 in under 5 years.

I know a couple who have made almost $2 million in about 7 years.

I know a couple who have made over $26 million in about 12 years.

She replied, “Wow, that’s a long time.”

I explained,

“Sis, I get it 12 years sounds like a long time but the time will pass regardless of your job title. 

I know 7 years seems like forever but you cannot look me in the eye and tell me you’ll make $2 million in the next 7 years working as a fitness professional (for other people).”

This isn’t a get rich quick plan, this is build a legacy for your family plan.

Her rebuttal was Isagenix is working for someone else.

True, it’s working for the Coovers in a way, but so is being an ambassador for Lululemon (no shade, I love their athleisure).

She agreed (there is no difference), and friends this is all true for you as well; anything is possible.

I get it, not everyone wants a million dollars or to leave their job, but what about $500 a month for a car payment, or to pay off debt, or for your kid’s college fund, first house, or wedding?

Maybe you just want date night once a week without the financial stress.

This opportunity can be anything your heart desires, with a little work (and very little overhead; aka groceries you eat).

I know it’s hard to dream of earning $1 million dollars when you currently can’t take a vacation. It’s scary to dream (big). The goal isn’t more money, the goal is more freedom.

I know we don’t know what we don’t know, but maybe it’s time to look a little closer at NWM.


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