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Fear is a choice. It’s the feeling when we choose not to live in the moment, but rather focus on the past or the future. – Garrett McNamara

Yesterday was a lazy day around the Arter-Passy house, we’ve been going with little rest for at least three weeks. So, we took a day to lay around and catch up on a few (HBO) shows.

After we finished White Lotus, which was great but not the point of this, we were searching for something new, something of substance.

I’m not sure how the documentary was picked but I’m beyond thankful it was. We watched the (6 part) documentary 100 Foot Wave.

Honestly, I never knew Big Wave Surfing was a thing. Obviously, living in California, I’m familiar with surfing but this is completely different.

I watched over the course of 6 hours in awe of these athletes. Imagining the courage one must have to try to catch a wave the size of an apartment building.

The skill set big wave surfers possess is absolutely breath taking and inspiring; but again, not really the point of this post.

Towards the end of the documentary, Garrett made the statement, “Fear is a choice.” 

I got chills. 

How different would your life be if you saw fear as a choice? If every time you felt fear you actively corrected your thought to the current moment?


I believe if we can all take this golden nugget and apply it to our lives we too can live an extraordinary life and leave a legacy.

Perhaps, we can all be dealers of hope and inspiration.

Featured image by BEN SELWAY on Unsplash

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