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Happy (2nd) Birthday, Kamea

Happy (2nd) birthday, Kamea! Our little fox is 2 today! 🦊

Kamea is the sweetest, sassiest little thing I’ve ever met. She keeps Anela young and me laughing.

She loves her cousin Duke and best friends Waylon and Kiwi (she even knows their names).

She makes crazy noises when Austin rubs her tummy and barks incessantly when the vet comes to check on her.

She’d rather lay on the heated blanket than go for a walk. 🤣 She loves car rides, dried chicken, and running in the grass.

She hates having her feet wiped, going to the bathroom in front of strangers, and wearing sweaters.

She’s everything I didn’t know I needed 20 months ago. 

Happy birthday, my love

My cupcake. 

My Boomy!

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