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Importance of Sleep

As a society we all talk about the importance of sleep but we never talk about what actually happens when we are sleep deprived, except maybe being a little “off” mentally. The truth is, a lot more is effected by consistent long nights.

First, let’s start with the basics.

Sleep deprivation, defined as sleeping less than six (6) hours per night. 😳

Lack of sleep can disrupt our appetite hormones and slow metabolism by 5–20% while also increasing caloric intake (Shlisky et al., 2012; Al Khatib et al., 2017; Broussard et al., 2016). Yikes!

More awake time and reduced sleep triggers an increase in stress and cortisol levels (stubborn fat), which can subsequently increases appetite and food intake by suppressing sympathetic activity and energy expenditure (Sarpolosky, 2004). 

I know, that’s a lot to take in; especially when busy seems to win awards. I’ll be talking next week on how to make sleep a priority and making the sleep you do get count.

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