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Anela Got A Present

Last week I reached out to my network asking for someone to build a ramp for Anela. She was struggling getting from the kitchen to the living, basically she was overestimating the stair due to her poor eye site. Today, Anela got a present.

If you have followed me for a bit you know my little Grandma Dog just turned 19 in January; and, as it tends to happen age catches up with the best of us.

For Anela, her eye site has deteriorated since we stopped giving her CBD oil (because it conflicted with her heart medicine). But, I noticed in the last couple of weeks she was really struggling with the small set of stairs that take her from her food and water to the couch. So much so she would avoid going up and down.

I was looking online for ramps and nothing really fit what we needed, so I asked my network.

A friend, referred her father to me (the kindest gesture). He came by the next day to take measurements. Five days later he had a custom ramp build for little Nay.

Look at Anela this little angel. 💕

I’m forever grateful for kindness of friends who help my little grandma doggie in her golden years.🥺

Featured image by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

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