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Healthy Hair

Something I do not talk a lot about is my hair. I always had full hair but with a lot of frizz (I called myself a poodle) so it was not exactly healthy hair I was working with.

However, after my accident in 2019 the fullness of my hair diminished. I knew exactly why…

In order to do a brain scan, EEG, they attach electrodes to your head with a waxy substance. Although the electrodes were removed after 3 days, the substance stayed in my hair for 11 days, until I was able to wash my hair at home. 

But washing alone did not help, even after multiple attempts. I tried peanut butter and coconut oil which helped a little; but ultimately, I had to rip out sections of my hair.

I was devastated but I knew I could have worse side effects from my accident, so it felt like an insignificant thing to complain about.

Fast forward to January 2021, I was exhilarated when Isagenix released type two marine Collagen Elixir. Scientifically, proven to strengthen hair, nails, and skin. While my hair did get stronger, healthier, and curlier; I did not see much regrowth in the sections of my hair I had to remove.

In January (2022), Isagenix released Hair Revival

Another scientifically proven product, which specially targets growth and thickness.

I have been taking Hair Revival, 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night, for about 6 weeks along with our Collagen.

My. Mind. Is. Blown.

Not only is my hair smoother, curlier, and stronger, the regrowth is amazing. Not to mention, fuller brows and stronger lashes.

If you’re like me, you have spent a lot of money and feel as though you have tried everything. Nothing worked, until now. 

I know hair is an emotional subject which is why not a lot of us talk about it.

If you’re struggling, we have a (money back guarantee) solution for you.

🥂 to good hair days for us all.

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