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Not Good-Bye, A Schedule Adjustment

I know this is not good-bye, just a schedule adjustment. Yet I have still struggled to find the words for you, Ross.

And then I realized it feels impossible to articulate what I am feeling because it is impossible to articulate what happened during those 45 minutes in a dark room on a bike that went no where.

Seasoned #RossRiders referred to class as church because it was spiritual, thoughtful, and artful. 

RR, you said in during your last survivor in Pasadena that class saved your life in a lot of ways.

You saved mine.
You showed me how to be present.
You created a community full of love and acceptance. 
You provided a safe space when the world felt too heavy.

Thank you.

Last week it became apparent how long I have been riding with you, how many classes we have spent together; and, how much shit we have worked through together.

I am fortunate to have spent 5+ years with you; to call you a coach, a friend, but most important a mentor. Your grace, love, and empathy will continue to be an example of how I want to show up.

Congratulations on 8.5 years with SoulCycle.
You are such a light and gift to this world, I can hardly wait to watch you soar.

To simply say I am grateful for you feels insignificant but also perfect.
I love you, Ross Ramone.

For more pics check out myI IG post. 💛

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