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Tesla M3 vs Ford Mach-E

Hopefully you have read the first part of this mini series, Why Tesla. If not, now worries, it is not required to get the gist of my experience and why I chose Tesla M3 vs Ford Mach-E.

Before Austin and I went to test drive the Tesla M3 and the Ford Mach-E I wanted to have a rough idea of the numbers we were working with. I went online to see what each company would give me for my BMW upon trade in. Ford was ~$3,000 lower than Tesla. I know the number could have changed upon inspection at the dealership but the original number provided by Ford was even below the lowest amount for trade in on KBB.

I also looked at lease vs buying options in terms of APR for both. Tesla had a lower APR for both a lease and a loan before providing credit information. 

We set out to test drive both cars, this was the beginning of what sets Tesla apart, friends.

First, with Tesla you simply make an appointment online, upload your ID, and show up. The sales associate walks you through the basics (because it does take a little getting use to) and you are off, by yourself. After 30 minutes simply return the car with the key card, ask the sales associate any questions, and that is it. There is no sales pitch or pressure to make a decision- just simply have a good day.

If you are like me and use to the old school way of buying a car this is absolutely mind blowing.🤯

From Tesla we went to Ford.

Ugh- insert every sleazy car salesman vibe here.

Seconds after walking through the door we were hounded by a sales associate asking what we were looking for. Of course we said the Mach-E; cue all the stereotypes.

Side note, I get it people have to make a living but a casual, ‘Hello, let me know if you need help.’ goes a long way, at least for me.

The gentleman started asking what can he do to get me in a Mach-E that day, even though they did not have the model I wanted in stock and I made it clear we were not buying that day. He tried to sell me on a blue Mach-E, which I have zero interest in ever owning a blue car; and I told him as much numerous times, but he persisted.

I asked a few questions about the Mach-E, even though I knew the answers, but he could not answer them. Simple things like, what is the battery range? Where is the closest charging station to this dealership? How long does it take to charge?

Additionally, for most of our conversation he blocked the window sticker. When I was finally able to slide by to see it I understood why. There was a $20,000 mark up. $20,000. That makes a Mach-E around $90,000 with taxes and fees (in California).

Yes, that was for the GT edition and yes the Mach-E still qualifies for the $7,500 tax deduction (which Tesla does not right now, more on this later), but that is still a $12,000 mark up.

Okay, back to my experience.

The brief interaction with the sales associate was so annoying we did not stay to drive the Mach-E. I did not want to pay $90,000 for a Ford (I called other locations, the Mach-E was marked up everywhere), I did not want to negotiate; honestly, the whole experience made me feel gross.

Essentially, Ford sold me on Tesla.

As I mentioned before, I originally planned to make my experience one post but I also like to be thorough which made the post almost four (4) pages. I know most people will not read four (4) pages at once, so this will be a mini series with articles posted two (2) days apart. Next up: next steps with Tesla.

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