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A Note About Self Sabotage…

Was that a gut punch for you too?

I never thought of myself as a person who self sabotages, but when I look at the lack of results it’s clear.

Remember, self sabotage does not have to be big.

  • It can be sneaking another piece of chocolate when you already hit your calories/macros, whatever you are counting.
  • It can be one more episode when you should read, write, or prep dinner, etc.

Self sabotage is simply not keeping the promise(s) you make to yourself.

I get it, I am a recovering control freak. I have to remind myself everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, to focus on what I can control so I am not overwhelmed (aka paralyzed) by what I cannot.

A note to myself, maybe you could use to: You control more than you think you do.🤍

This week I am focused on getting my outdoor walk in, despite the rain.

What about you? 👇🏼

Featured image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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