Jeana Tales

::A Night Out In H-Wood::

While out in H-Wood last night to see Bullets and Octane, I dropped my make-up bag into a drain gutter.How one might ask, simple. It was on my lap because I was going to fix my make up. When I thought it was a good idea to stop at a liquor store and get some vodka since the show was like 2 hours away.I open the door and see the drain, almost thinking I should ask Austin to pull forward so my stiletto wouldnt get stuck. I believe I can just make do. As I get out I see my precious gold clutch filled with expensive make up fall to the ground. No big deal its just broken. No wait, I am not that lucky.It tumbles into the rain gutter.After I freak out, trying not to cry bc I have NO make-up to fix my face if I do. Austin, being the smart and amazing boyfriend he is gets a flash light to see if we can get it out.After trying to grab it, and trying to wave down a police officer. I mean come on, it is an emergency!Austin believes he saw trash grabbers at Urban Outfitters, so we head towards Melrose.Before we get there I see Petco. Some what thinking rationally now, I say I think a pooper scooper may get the job done.We buy a $20 pooper scooper and head back to the rain gutter.Austin forbids me to get out of the car so I stay and take pictures and chat on bbm.Austin ends up saving the day!He rescues my make up from the drain gutter of Hollywood.After we return the $20 pooper scooper, its time to drink and see Bullets and Octane.Keep in mind this story’s greatness is amplified bc I had my boyfriend laying on the sidewalk on the corner of Sunset and Doheny on a Saturday night!Enjoy the piccys my friends!








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