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I dont know how many people actually watch 30 Days by Morgan Spurlock, but I happen to like the show. It puts the world into perspective for me. For example when Morgan spent 30 days being a coal miner and last nights episode address gays being able to adopt children.

The episode is based on a woman from the Church of Jesus Christ of Laderday Saints who doesnt believe gays should be allowed to adopt, however she is a foster parent herself and a product of an adoptive family.
This ignorant, embarrassment of woman came straight out of Fullerton, California, and went to live with two gay men in Michigan. Both men were college educated; one is a high school math teacher, the other a college professor. Far more educated than Kati could ever hope for.
The men had adopted 4 boys as their own, they live a happy and well cared for life full of love.

However Kati was nauseated by the fact two men would be having sexual relations in the same house as for young boys.
She continued to express her belief that a home consist of a man and a woman.
That she would rather kids ride out 18 years in piss poor foster home than be adopted by gays.
She even went as far as to state,

They are teaching these boys how to be gay

Wait one second fatty. If two obviously loving parents are teaching these 4 boys to be gay then you MUST be teaching your two boys to be fat.

Furthermore if gays should not be allowed to adopt then fat people shouldnt be allowed to adopt either. While we are at it why dont we bring Hitler back from the dead.

Kati kept saying she believes in




would not let her believe in something that wasnt true. I want to know when the fuck she saw this


and why


has only given this define stupidity to her.
I guess for our sake its good there are not too many of these self absorbed assholes out there.
Maybe one day her “GOD” will speak to her and let her know that she is doing more harm to this nation by being fat than Dennis and Thomas are by being gay.

I bet Kati’s adoptive parents are real proud now.

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